My name is Michael and I created this site for a school project and I am expressing myself artistically through the medium of poetry. I believe poetry is one of, if not the most powerful, ways of expressing yourself artistically and in general. I like to talk about things that are real to me, things I either experience or think about often.

My main influence is a rapper called NF i like the way he writes and he’s had an influence on the type of stuff I want to write. I definitely want to appeal to the younger generation and I want people to relate to what I’m writing. This is why my name has an NF-meaning non fiction a term synonymous to real. I also believe the most powerful art is when it is genuine and when the person expressing themselves believes in what they’re saying. I might not be able to have a lot of people read my blog but I will be happy if my poems can influence you positively.

I’m not being desperate but please leave a comment, any feedback is appreciated as long as it’s constructive.   

Enjoy reading!!

Photos Public Domain, Picture of “f” grade

MrSuicideSheep. “Flume – Say It (Feat. Tove Lo) (Illenium Remix).” YouTube, YouTube, 6 Sept. 2016,


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